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Human Resource Plans

Do you have a comprehensive human resource plan to go along with your ongoing business plans? On of the more significant services Carciba provides clients is a robust human resources plan which works in conjunction with your business plans. This helps to ensure the most vital and expensive element of your business is in alignment with the rest of your business. This includes not only hiring plans – but a comprehensive look at the types of positions and the people qualities which will work best within your culture; both now and into the future.


Hiring Plans

Many times we have a list in our minds of the types of positions we want to have on staff to do the work which needs to be done; but have you written this down into a planning document?   Does this always coincide with the business needs and your overall HR plan? Carciba works to not only fill the positions which are requested, but to work with you to develop an ongoing and fluid plan which can support your company – regardless of where you are in your growth plans. It is often said that the best time to find your key hires, is well in advance of when you will need them. With an overarching plan, we will work with you to continually identify potential hires throughout the year.


Compensation Plans

This is one of the most nebulous topics for most managers. They feel like they have an idea of what to pay a person whom they want to hire – but really, more times than not, they are just shooting in the dark. A well defined compensation plan starts with a philosophical discussion with the leadership team about where the company wants to be in terms of overall compensation – above average, average, below average with more at risk pay, etc. Does this change with regards to entry level, mid level and senior level positions? There are many questions which need to be discussed and fleshed out before you can settle in on a range for your various positions. Carciba will work with you to develop, outline and implement a comprehensive and workable compensation plan that supports your business planning needs.



Benefit Plans

Just as it is vital that you have a compensation plan – a benefits plan is a significant need for your business as well. You spend a great deal of money providing important benefits for your employees, but this is generally done in terms of a “what do most other companies do” mentality. Carciba works with you to understand what makes your business unique from others, what makes your employees unique, what do your employees find important in terms of benefits, etc. This should rarely be a one size fits all solution, but unfortunately that’s what generally happens. We are not a benefits broker and do not work directly with or for any insurance carriers – so we look at the benefits from your vantage point and that of your employees; not from the vantage point of an insurance company or broker.



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