Employee Relations

Employee Relations is an area of specialty for which Carciba has a vast amount of expertise and excels. This is very often an extremely nebulous and frustrating area for a vast majority of leaders and managers alike. This is not just taking your employees out for an occasional lunch or providing the best foosball tournaments around; but an oftentimes overlooked and vital instrument of business success.


Carciba is a recognized expert in the area of employee relations and how to handle just about any situation which may and will arise from time to time. This includes areas such as:


Performance Management

How do you communicate to your employees what success looks like not only in their position but within your organization? How do you measure that success? How do you reward success or coach through failures? This goes well beyond a performance appraisal form – it goes to the heart of being able to identify those rock star employees, what they do differently and how you can define that and communicate it throughout the organization.



Unfortunately, terminations will be a part of your business from time to time. This can be a very stressful and complicated aspect of being a manager/leader. There are many misconceptions of what can be done, what cannot be done, what is acceptable, what you have to provide, etc. This is where Carciba can help provide you and your whole staff guidance and plans to minimize the impact of this adverse circumstance. Handling this event in a compliant, thoughtful and experienced manner can mean the difference between a smooth and thoughtful transition and an unfortunate circumstance that produces angst throughout the organization. Carciba has the experience and insight to make this a possibility for you, your managers and employees alike.


Work ReAlignments

As with any good and workable business plan, you will need to re-align your workforce from time to time. Doing this as part of your human resource plan will ensure you looking not just at the work duty ramifications but the workforce ramifications as well. Do you have the talent on board to handle the changing work duties? It is vital that when you embark on these endeavors that you don’t approach this from an organizational chart perspective. Too often, we look to see what “faces” we have and see which work duties we can hand off to various people. Carciba will work with you to identify the best organizational structure to get your work accomplished and then work with you to identify who either can currently accomplish that work or who may have the potential to accomplish that work – throughout the organization – not just those currently in a specific position or department.

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